Bad for Good or what?

If the devil don’t exist, we won’t be as this close to God

If there isn’t pain, we won’t value joy

If there isn’t death, we won’t all know the essence of life

If there isn’t sorrow, there won’t be need to be happy

If there aren’t challenges, there won’t be value and appreciation for solutions

If there isn’t failure, no one would talk about success

If there isn’t heaven, we won’t all mind going to hell

For every negative, it is to give reason to seek and appreciate the positive.

whatever negative or bad things you think you are going through now is to instigate and inspire you to get out of it and get the good life on. This can only be gotten through your disposition and character towards what you term negative. Keep your mind off the things you don’t want(negative) by putting it on the ones you do want( The Positive).

Every Negative gives Value and credence to seeking the Positive.