When faced with a challenge our character should be our primary concern and not the problem.Image Our character is the only one thing that matters when facing a challenge, all other things become irrelevant. The strength of our character determines the length of our challenges. If we keep concentrating on our problems and leave our character unchecked, our problems proliferate. Our character will develop an attitude that will determine the altitude we can go in facing our challenges. “A man’s character is his real self. The depth of the character of a man determines how far such can cope with life and how far he can go.”

          When a challenge arises to test our knowledge of how much we have learnt in life and to proceed to the next phase of it, it is our character that prompts our attitude to react towards the challenge. The attitude towards the challenge; whether positive or negative, determines the outcome of the test. There is a dichotomy between character and attitude. Characters are in-built and seldom change while attitude is determined by character and fluctuates frequently.

There is an unequivocal need for the acquisition of the skill, intellect and mind-set that will transit us from one level of life to another and until these attitudes are developed, we will see the stage of our transition as a problem which has come to crush and flush us lieu seeing it as a challenge, use the opportunities in it, overcome it and move on to the next phase. Every challenge is an opportunity for great minds. Great minds look for the opportunities and lessons in a challenge and not the silver linings.Image

          If our character is solid, we won’t have problems facing our challenges and it will be difficult for our problems to have us; making us at will dance to whatever tune they play. The only thing we have is our character, not our problems. Our characters remain but our problems become ephemeral by the virtue of our character. An American expert author on leadership and a life coach, John C. Maxwell understands that character is superior to challenges, problems or circumstances when he asserts that “while your circumstances are beyond your control, your character is not.” The point in this is that we don’t have control over our problems but over our character which have control over our problems. The only challenge we have is our character; character and attitude towards life. A wrong attitude supplied by a wrong character towards our challenges makes life awkward but there are some characters needed to tackle our challenges; these are character s characterized by creditable characteristics (C4).  Parts of these are faith, focus, facts, courage, grit etc.

          A tested character formulation designed as F4 to help in overcoming challenges will be introduced in our next post. We are looking forward to having you check back then.

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