Don’t stop


Saturday 4 May, 2013


” The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying”

Don’t stop trying and don’t ever try stopping. When your challenges show you they are powerful enough to struck you down, show them you are powerful enough to rise again..

you are never a failure when you fail. You become a failure when you get tired of trying again. A popular saying says if your ‘Plan A’  don’t work use ‘Plan B’ and if ‘Plan B’ also didn’t work, keep trying after all the alphabets have 26 letters.

Failure as defined by Zig Ziglar, one of my mentor, is something that is not working at the moment. You are not a failure until you accept you have failed and refuse to try again. No one makes you inferior without your consent is a popular cliche but the truth also is that nothing makes you a failure without your consent.

Most of the great inventions we enjoy today came as a product of serious failure but persistence, set backs but looking forward. Can you remember how many times Thomas Edison failed before he made the bulb? You know how many proposals Walt Disney wrote before he got a loan to build Disney Park? How many times Abraham Lincoln contested before he was elected? If you give up climbing the mountain of life, you can’t get up. Quitters are never celebrated because nobody ever gets to hear about them.

If you admit failure and stop trying, then you have really failed; failed to use the power of perseverance in you. but if you stand and try again, you’re failing forward.

Keep trying and never give up. The lifting up is sure!


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