Don’t be scared of Scars!

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great.”—Joe Sabah

The start of an event matters a lot. The start of an event determines what it will produce and whether it will be long-term or short-term. Before the start of any event, preparations are paramount if such event is to begin at all or produce any effect. In like manner, pursuing our dreams has to start with preparations. If I face you physically and pose to you this question; ’which should come first, preparations or position?’ I know many will like to go for preparation but the truth is that many of us seek position lieu preparations.

We will inevitably get scars when we start preparations to stand. Standing tall for what we want to become is not that easy you will agree but one must start first if one must stand.  Scars are factors that will put our zeal and passion to get to the top in contention, but in the real and the right perspective; they are to make us get to the top. Scars are the evidences of how we get to the top. They are to serve as lessons and encouragement to others who are aspiring to get up. If you really want to stand at the top, you shouldn’t be scared of scars. In getting up to getting to the top, there are many scars that will be gotten from learning and practising.  Scars  are the challenges we face time after time threatening to scare us away from our long held dreams and aspirations.

This week we bring you excerpts from a book written by Oloyede Abraham, CEO Donlincoln Initiatives & Co.

Although the book has not gone to press but we seek your views and comments on this. We do know that it will motivate you as well.



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