Life was meant to be simple but not smooth but the advent and introduction of humans into it had made it difficult, rough and tough. Life in its nature is still and will continue to be simple but its inhabitants are working tirelessly to make it onerous. Life is really simple but we(humans) are continually working to make it complicated.

I recently thought of all happening here on earth and their possible causes and effects, also their solutions. I thought of all and tried to seek ways to make mine(life) simple, the way its suppose to be. I will like to quickly add that there is a great dichotomy between life being simple and smooth. Life should be simple but not smooth. We are meant to weather through life with simple guidelines. keeping it simple is the only way to getting it right.

Here are five simple things i’ve started applying to my life to make it simple and right.

  • Live everyday to the fullest of your understanding. Don’t allow any day pass by without getting the best of it. Don’t try to live a day without planning. Planning gives you the advantage of getting the day right.
  • Wait to worry. worry is one thing that many people live with diurnally. Worry is part of those things that make life complicated, people worry just about anything.             What is worry? Something you have no power over. Something you can barely do anything about. Something you can’t change. By worrying and thinking, you are doing yourself a lot of harm.
  • Always say the truth. Say exactly what happen, what you feel about a thing. This will save you the stress of remembering what you’ve told someone somewhere to cover up your lies.
  • Live not to get from life but to give to life. Live not to exploit life but explore it. Thinking of this brought a quote to my heart, ” life will not yield to you when you place making money from her over solving her problems.” Think of ways of alleviating a suffering people going through in your area. Think of ways of making a wrong right in your family, amidst your peers, in your community, town, state, country, continent and globally.

When you do this, you will leave an indelible foothold, footprints, footpath in your world.

  • Be contended. Don’t desire to have everything. Think of those who don’t have any. What you don’t have don’t limit you, won’t dictate or influence the way you think, it’s what you have that do.

“when you allow what you don’t have overshadow the ones you have, it will deprive you from putting the ones you have into full use.”

There is no amount of money, clothes, cars, houses, power, knowledge you can have that will be enough. You can’t have enough in life, you will always want more. Human needs are insatiable! It is good to always desire and seek more but not to a point where it denotes greed and covetousness. Contentment  isn’t something you find at a particular destination, it’s something you practice everyday on your way to it. Seek it, make it a daily choice. Come to the place where you believe that having more materially won’t make you happier. sometimes contentment calls for simplifying your life. An American author, elder statesman understands the place contentment takes in one’s life when he asserts that,” contentment makes poor men rich and discontentment makes rich men poor.”

I have come to understand that ” the simplicity of life is not in having enough but making what you have enough.”

The best way to get the best of life is living it simple and leaving it fulfilled. Make it a point of daily duty to live your life in its simplest form.

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