Challenges are bound to surface from time to time. This is a characteristic feature of our existence and the ability to overcome challenges is a diagnostic feature of humans. Of course there are multifarious ways of overcoming challenges and we have in previous posts been following a trend of action as the fundamental way to overcome any kind of challenge. F4; a tested and trusted formula will round up the series.

            We have discussed what challenges are and why they come, identifying the source, putting our characters right as the only thing needed to change any situation. The following needs a bond to complete its structure and function. F4; Facts+Faith+Focus=Future.

We have discussed facts that is identifying the source of the problem and getting facts about it. Next to facts about our challenges is our faith. Faith drives out fear and gives focus that the challenges will only last a while. We should walk by faith and not by sight, “what our eyes can’t see, faith can see. See the future with faith and keep your sight on it.” The way we see the future of our challenges; either by faith or by sight becomes an antecedent to what it produces. We need to keep fuelling our faith over a challenge that we are capable of overcoming it with our character.

Beware of doubt!Image

Doubt is a poison; it kills the mind’s idea

Doubt brings fear, fear makes you see failure

Fear of failure makes you fail but…

FAITH gives you FOCUS and HOPE

Focus gives facts about the future

Facts give focus for the future

Your focus gives you faith to be fervid.

DISCLAIMER: We need to understand that neither faith nor hope is a strategy to overcome challenges but they are stiffeners that help bind our strategy (mainly our character) together.

The steps to overcome challenges from facts, to the strategy (character), faith and focus have to be in progress and good progression because the level of our faith tells the strength and durability of our character. Doubt needs to be eliminated in all our strategies and decisions to ace past our challenges.

The only way to get rid of doubt in our challenges was well thought of and supplied by W. Clement Stone; an author and positive mental attitude advocate when he asserts that you “keep your mind off the things you don’t want by keeping it on the things you do want.” We all do want to come out victorious from a problem and rejoice, so the best way to get going when facing challenges is to put our minds off the obstacles and keep seeing the reward thereafter. Faith in our strategies gives that stick-to-itiveness needed to overcome a challenge. KEEP THE FAITH, DON’T THROW IN THE TOWEL, THE CHALLENGE WILL SOON BE OVER.


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