There is no problem man can not overcome. The one and only problem unsurmountable by man is oneself. If you happen to be the problem of yourself, you will have a great deal of problem dealing with that. There is a need to overcome our worries, fears and failures to be able to look and launch into the future.

The emergence of a problem is an indication that there lies somewhere(within us) a solution waiting for the arrival of the problem. The solution to our problems lies idle always within and needs only the instigation and activation of our mind and thought hormones to produce the solution required. This brings to mind a quote i once wrote; “Faults can be detected from the external but can only be corrected from the internal.”

We need not wait until our problems become an emergency before we set out to work to fix it. We need to arise and be proactive. If you leave your problems unchecked, they will check in permanently not into you alone but your attitudes also.

In attempt to face and fade out our problems, we need a plethora of tools and gadgets which without the problem will proliferate and complicate issues. These are tools will be our apparatus needed to fix our problems or rather challenges as needed by an automobile engineer to fix our cars(problems) so that we can get moving once again. Our problems actually are the vehicles that drive us to our destinies. Our ability to fix our problems as they come and get moving is directly proportional to how close we move to our destiny.

The gospel truth is that problems will be incessant but we need to be vigilant and get ready for them. As much as we still desire to live, we will continue to have issues with life. No one graduates from having problems in life. Anyone willing to graduate from having problems in life only wishes to die because we are free from life’s challenges only when we die.

These tools and gadgets needed to fix our problems will be continued in our next post. So, make sure you don’t miss the next episode and strive to apply all you’ve read now.


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