The ‘YOU’ in YOUth

Have you ever noticed the word ‘You’ in YOUth? The word ‘You’ appearing in YOUth and not man or woman should not be seen as coincidental or an accident because the YOUth stage is that stage when the real ‘You’ is found, defined and refined.

Dr. John C. Maxwell puts it better when he asserts that ‘In an individual, there are six people. They are;

  • Who you are reputed to be
  • Who you are expected to be
  • Who you were
  • Who you wish to be
  • Who you think you are and,
  • Who you really are

The YOUthful stage is the period where all the YOU in you is experimented and explored.

Marrying definitions from different sources, the YOUth is the time of life when one is young and vibrant, full of vigor and spirit and also appearance and freshness. YOUth is the stage of constructing the self-concept. The concept of YOUth is influenced by several variables such as peers, lifestyle, gender and culture. It is the time of a person’s life in which they make choices which will affect their entire life.

Although in this part of the world age ranges is tied to the definition of being YOUth (usually between the ages of 18 – 35 in Nigeria), many scholars are of the view that no specific age ranges can be tied to the YOUth stage.

In describing the importance of the YOUth stage, there is a discipline to study youth called YOUth studies and in confirming the vigor and rigor associated with the YOUth stage, Robert Kennedy; an American politician, 64th Attorney General and younger brother of America’s John F. Kennedy made a remarkable statement, “ This world demands the qualities of YOUth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.”

All of the qualities pointed out in this statement are the real attributes of the YOUth. The ‘You’ in a YOUth is vibrant, adventurous, bold, daring, creative and full of imagination.

According to statistics by the UN, around 85 per cent of young people between ages 15 – 24 live in developing countries and this figure is projected to grow to 89.5 per cent in 2025. Young people in developing countries are exposed to various degrees of hardship, negative influences, unfriendly and non-inclusive governments. These YOUths are left to fend for themselves with almost no resources at all to start up with. Hence, the need for these youths to device and define means to influence and affect the world positively by discovering and developing the ‘You’ in their ‘YOUth’


                                                      Getting a better YOU in your YOUth

  • Discover early: discover who you really are early enough by being adventurous. Never be afraid to fail. Failing early, failing often and failing forward are the pre-cursors to discover who you really are early. Failure is just an event, not a person.What you will become in the next 25 years of your life depends on the first 25 years. So, start early, fail early, fail often and fail forward. Identify who you are and define it clearly. State your values, goals and objectives. Most importantly, get a vision for your mission. It is usually mission impossible when there is a vision invisible.
  • Embrace development not just growth: there is a vivid difference between growth and development. Growth is natural but development is personal. Growth deals with stature, improvement deals with status. “Stature does not determine status; a statue has stature but no status.” Plan improvement strategies immediately you discover who you are and invest in yourself. The ‘You’ in your YOUth will be fortified and ready to face the challenges of the 21st century when you develop yourself.

Self-development does just one thing; it moves you closer to your destiny.

  • Build strong relationships: build and maintain strong and lasting impressions and impact with anyone that come your path. See the people as an end to a means and not a means to an end. Be genuine and honest in all your dealings and endeavors. Provide services of maximum quality to people and be ready to listen to others criticism; constructive or otherwise. Be teachable and ready to improve at all times.

The 21st century YOUth is versatile, creative, eloquent, dexterous and adventurous. If you don’t possess all of these, living in this century as a YOUth will not only be a quagmire but disastrous.

The ‘You’ in your YOUth is strong and capable of doing great things. Use it well and wisely and the sky is the spring board.


Don’t be scared of Scars!

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great.”—Joe Sabah

The start of an event matters a lot. The start of an event determines what it will produce and whether it will be long-term or short-term. Before the start of any event, preparations are paramount if such event is to begin at all or produce any effect. In like manner, pursuing our dreams has to start with preparations. If I face you physically and pose to you this question; ’which should come first, preparations or position?’ I know many will like to go for preparation but the truth is that many of us seek position lieu preparations.

We will inevitably get scars when we start preparations to stand. Standing tall for what we want to become is not that easy you will agree but one must start first if one must stand.  Scars are factors that will put our zeal and passion to get to the top in contention, but in the real and the right perspective; they are to make us get to the top. Scars are the evidences of how we get to the top. They are to serve as lessons and encouragement to others who are aspiring to get up. If you really want to stand at the top, you shouldn’t be scared of scars. In getting up to getting to the top, there are many scars that will be gotten from learning and practising.  Scars  are the challenges we face time after time threatening to scare us away from our long held dreams and aspirations.

This week we bring you excerpts from a book written by Oloyede Abraham, CEO Donlincoln Initiatives & Co.

Although the book has not gone to press but we seek your views and comments on this. We do know that it will motivate you as well.



Life was meant to be simple but not smooth but the advent and introduction of humans into it had made it difficult, rough and tough. Life in its nature is still and will continue to be simple but its inhabitants are working tirelessly to make it onerous. Life is really simple but we(humans) are continually working to make it complicated.

I recently thought of all happening here on earth and their possible causes and effects, also their solutions. I thought of all and tried to seek ways to make mine(life) simple, the way its suppose to be. I will like to quickly add that there is a great dichotomy between life being simple and smooth. Life should be simple but not smooth. We are meant to weather through life with simple guidelines. keeping it simple is the only way to getting it right.

Here are five simple things i’ve started applying to my life to make it simple and right.

  • Live everyday to the fullest of your understanding. Don’t allow any day pass by without getting the best of it. Don’t try to live a day without planning. Planning gives you the advantage of getting the day right.
  • Wait to worry. worry is one thing that many people live with diurnally. Worry is part of those things that make life complicated, people worry just about anything.             What is worry? Something you have no power over. Something you can barely do anything about. Something you can’t change. By worrying and thinking, you are doing yourself a lot of harm.
  • Always say the truth. Say exactly what happen, what you feel about a thing. This will save you the stress of remembering what you’ve told someone somewhere to cover up your lies.
  • Live not to get from life but to give to life. Live not to exploit life but explore it. Thinking of this brought a quote to my heart, ” life will not yield to you when you place making money from her over solving her problems.” Think of ways of alleviating a suffering people going through in your area. Think of ways of making a wrong right in your family, amidst your peers, in your community, town, state, country, continent and globally.

When you do this, you will leave an indelible foothold, footprints, footpath in your world.

  • Be contended. Don’t desire to have everything. Think of those who don’t have any. What you don’t have don’t limit you, won’t dictate or influence the way you think, it’s what you have that do.

“when you allow what you don’t have overshadow the ones you have, it will deprive you from putting the ones you have into full use.”

There is no amount of money, clothes, cars, houses, power, knowledge you can have that will be enough. You can’t have enough in life, you will always want more. Human needs are insatiable! It is good to always desire and seek more but not to a point where it denotes greed and covetousness. Contentment  isn’t something you find at a particular destination, it’s something you practice everyday on your way to it. Seek it, make it a daily choice. Come to the place where you believe that having more materially won’t make you happier. sometimes contentment calls for simplifying your life. An American author, elder statesman understands the place contentment takes in one’s life when he asserts that,” contentment makes poor men rich and discontentment makes rich men poor.”

I have come to understand that ” the simplicity of life is not in having enough but making what you have enough.”

The best way to get the best of life is living it simple and leaving it fulfilled. Make it a point of daily duty to live your life in its simplest form.

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Bad for Good or what?

If the devil don’t exist, we won’t be as this close to God

If there isn’t pain, we won’t value joy

If there isn’t death, we won’t all know the essence of life

If there isn’t sorrow, there won’t be need to be happy

If there aren’t challenges, there won’t be value and appreciation for solutions

If there isn’t failure, no one would talk about success

If there isn’t heaven, we won’t all mind going to hell

For every negative, it is to give reason to seek and appreciate the positive.

whatever negative or bad things you think you are going through now is to instigate and inspire you to get out of it and get the good life on. This can only be gotten through your disposition and character towards what you term negative. Keep your mind off the things you don’t want(negative) by putting it on the ones you do want( The Positive).

Every Negative gives Value and credence to seeking the Positive.



Challenges are bound to surface from time to time. This is a characteristic feature of our existence and the ability to overcome challenges is a diagnostic feature of humans. Of course there are multifarious ways of overcoming challenges and we have in previous posts been following a trend of action as the fundamental way to overcome any kind of challenge. F4; a tested and trusted formula will round up the series.

            We have discussed what challenges are and why they come, identifying the source, putting our characters right as the only thing needed to change any situation. The following needs a bond to complete its structure and function. F4; Facts+Faith+Focus=Future.

We have discussed facts that is identifying the source of the problem and getting facts about it. Next to facts about our challenges is our faith. Faith drives out fear and gives focus that the challenges will only last a while. We should walk by faith and not by sight, “what our eyes can’t see, faith can see. See the future with faith and keep your sight on it.” The way we see the future of our challenges; either by faith or by sight becomes an antecedent to what it produces. We need to keep fuelling our faith over a challenge that we are capable of overcoming it with our character.

Beware of doubt!Image

Doubt is a poison; it kills the mind’s idea

Doubt brings fear, fear makes you see failure

Fear of failure makes you fail but…

FAITH gives you FOCUS and HOPE

Focus gives facts about the future

Facts give focus for the future

Your focus gives you faith to be fervid.

DISCLAIMER: We need to understand that neither faith nor hope is a strategy to overcome challenges but they are stiffeners that help bind our strategy (mainly our character) together.

The steps to overcome challenges from facts, to the strategy (character), faith and focus have to be in progress and good progression because the level of our faith tells the strength and durability of our character. Doubt needs to be eliminated in all our strategies and decisions to ace past our challenges.

The only way to get rid of doubt in our challenges was well thought of and supplied by W. Clement Stone; an author and positive mental attitude advocate when he asserts that you “keep your mind off the things you don’t want by keeping it on the things you do want.” We all do want to come out victorious from a problem and rejoice, so the best way to get going when facing challenges is to put our minds off the obstacles and keep seeing the reward thereafter. Faith in our strategies gives that stick-to-itiveness needed to overcome a challenge. KEEP THE FAITH, DON’T THROW IN THE TOWEL, THE CHALLENGE WILL SOON BE OVER.


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When faced with a challenge our character should be our primary concern and not the problem.Image Our character is the only one thing that matters when facing a challenge, all other things become irrelevant. The strength of our character determines the length of our challenges. If we keep concentrating on our problems and leave our character unchecked, our problems proliferate. Our character will develop an attitude that will determine the altitude we can go in facing our challenges. “A man’s character is his real self. The depth of the character of a man determines how far such can cope with life and how far he can go.”

          When a challenge arises to test our knowledge of how much we have learnt in life and to proceed to the next phase of it, it is our character that prompts our attitude to react towards the challenge. The attitude towards the challenge; whether positive or negative, determines the outcome of the test. There is a dichotomy between character and attitude. Characters are in-built and seldom change while attitude is determined by character and fluctuates frequently.

There is an unequivocal need for the acquisition of the skill, intellect and mind-set that will transit us from one level of life to another and until these attitudes are developed, we will see the stage of our transition as a problem which has come to crush and flush us lieu seeing it as a challenge, use the opportunities in it, overcome it and move on to the next phase. Every challenge is an opportunity for great minds. Great minds look for the opportunities and lessons in a challenge and not the silver linings.Image

          If our character is solid, we won’t have problems facing our challenges and it will be difficult for our problems to have us; making us at will dance to whatever tune they play. The only thing we have is our character, not our problems. Our characters remain but our problems become ephemeral by the virtue of our character. An American expert author on leadership and a life coach, John C. Maxwell understands that character is superior to challenges, problems or circumstances when he asserts that “while your circumstances are beyond your control, your character is not.” The point in this is that we don’t have control over our problems but over our character which have control over our problems. The only challenge we have is our character; character and attitude towards life. A wrong attitude supplied by a wrong character towards our challenges makes life awkward but there are some characters needed to tackle our challenges; these are character s characterized by creditable characteristics (C4).  Parts of these are faith, focus, facts, courage, grit etc.

          A tested character formulation designed as F4 to help in overcoming challenges will be introduced in our next post. We are looking forward to having you check back then.

We hope this helps you and don’t hesitate to drop your comments. They will be highly respected and considered.



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Apparatus to overcome challenges

Our post last week was about dissecting problems/challenges and we strongly believe that it has served as a foundation for us to see what we term problems look like.

This week’s post as promised will be on apparatus needed to dissect and overcome these problems. problems in the course of this post will be used inter-changeably with challenges because through them alone can we move to the next facets of our lives. A challenge is a better name to call our problems so far we have the understanding that they have come not to ruin us but to make us stronger and release the genius in us.

There are three apparatus/instruments we will point out today that will guide us to overcoming any challenge whenever they arrive.

Identifying, Character and Faith is all we need to overcome our challenges. In order to drive out the cogent points in each of this we will take these apparatus one after another.

The first thing one should do when faced by a challenge is to identify the root(s) of the challenge. There are different kinds of challenges.

If you can’t identify, you can’t nullify. There are various challenges on our ways but the ability to identify(know the source, root and type) of challenges they are gives us the equanimity to arrange them in order of exigency. There are short-term challenges and Long-term challenges.

Each of the type of challenge needs and requires different approaches. Short-term problems are problems that starts not long ago and you can point to when they started. This type of challenges require fast and quick approach in tackling them.

“If a problem doesn’t start from you or with you, it will be very impossible to solve the problem without studying the problem.” This is the case of long-term problems.We need to get down to the roots of our challenges to know where they started from and where to direct our vitality.Image

These challenges might be hereditary and you need to know their Modus Operandi before you can confront them.

Coaches don’t go into games without a concrete knowledge of their opponents, warriors don’t go into battles without knowing who there enemies are. If anyone likewise dares confront a challenge without a good knowledge of how it works and then device a strategy to combat it, such will fail woefully. If the identity of a challenge is not known one spends time doing the inconsequential and leaving the real challenge.

Imagine walking into a room with a mob of people and shouting ‘Hey!’, ‘You!’ i’m sure no one will respond because you have not addressed whom you desire to call by his/her name.

Don’t face a challenge you don’t know anything about. It will end up in a sham and just a chase of shadows. Know your challenges so that you can call them by name and send them packing.

The next apparatus is CHARACTER. After IDENTIFICATION, comes a very viable bulldozer of challenges; The Character. Character as to be used in overcoming challenges will be what we will examine in our next post. Make it a date with us.


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There is no problem man can not overcome. The one and only problem unsurmountable by man is oneself. If you happen to be the problem of yourself, you will have a great deal of problem dealing with that. There is a need to overcome our worries, fears and failures to be able to look and launch into the future.

The emergence of a problem is an indication that there lies somewhere(within us) a solution waiting for the arrival of the problem. The solution to our problems lies idle always within and needs only the instigation and activation of our mind and thought hormones to produce the solution required. This brings to mind a quote i once wrote; “Faults can be detected from the external but can only be corrected from the internal.”

We need not wait until our problems become an emergency before we set out to work to fix it. We need to arise and be proactive. If you leave your problems unchecked, they will check in permanently not into you alone but your attitudes also.

In attempt to face and fade out our problems, we need a plethora of tools and gadgets which without the problem will proliferate and complicate issues. These are tools will be our apparatus needed to fix our problems or rather challenges as needed by an automobile engineer to fix our cars(problems) so that we can get moving once again. Our problems actually are the vehicles that drive us to our destinies. Our ability to fix our problems as they come and get moving is directly proportional to how close we move to our destiny.

The gospel truth is that problems will be incessant but we need to be vigilant and get ready for them. As much as we still desire to live, we will continue to have issues with life. No one graduates from having problems in life. Anyone willing to graduate from having problems in life only wishes to die because we are free from life’s challenges only when we die.

These tools and gadgets needed to fix our problems will be continued in our next post. So, make sure you don’t miss the next episode and strive to apply all you’ve read now.


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